Meet Max

Max Rodrigues Garcia was born in Amsterdam in 1924. His ancestors came there in 1613 from the New World, where they had fled after being expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition. In 1939, Max's father believed a major war was about to explode. He felt hopeful that the Germans would bypass Holland as they had during WWI. Unfortunately, he was wrong: Hitler invaded Holland on May 10, 1940 and after several narrow escapes, Max was put on a train to Auschwitz.

Auschwitz, Auschwitz... I Cannot Forget You, As Long as I Remain Alive is the story of Max Garcia, his family, his survival of Holocaust tortures, and his remarkable life today. The book details Max’s triumph over the Nazis; however, this isn't a story about the past. It is a testimony to an enduring belief in the future. Max not only survives the concentration camps, but begins to rebuild his life the moment the first American tank rolls in, working as an interpreter for his liberators.

Max later moves to America and realizes the dreams that the Holocaust could not extinguish: having a family and becoming a successful architect in San Francisco. And Max still inspires generations today with his story, as detailed in the new final chapters of the book written by his children and grandchildren.

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Auschwitz, Auschwitz